My name is Hannah Black.

I am a recent graduate from the Missouri School of Journalism where I have experienced the “Missouri Method” firsthand, meaning that as an undergraduate I accumulated nearly two years of real-world reporting experience.

I have a knack for taking complicated subjects and writing about them in easy-to-understand ways. I have reported on agriculture in North Dakota, public health in mid-Missouri and backlash against Uber in the European Union. I can combine human voices, research and data to write a compelling and informative article.

The stories that stand out to me most have been those where I am able to forge a personal connection. I spent the first few months of 2018 seeking out and writing about people in Columbia over the age of 50 with interesting, offbeat pursuits. Learning about a particular subject from someone passionate about it is an important aspect of reporting for me.

I work to amplify the voices of those who cannot easily speak out on their own. It’s undeniably idealistic to think that reporting can make concrete improvements in today’s society, but I believe you can’t make much headway with flimsy ideals.

Going forward, I want to learn. I want to improve my skills as a writer and researcher while also developing a deeper sense of empathy with those around me.