My name is Hannah Black.

I am a reporter and photographer based in Minneapolis, MN. I currently work in this capacity for RiverTown Multimedia, where I primarily produce work for the Woodbury Bulletin. I also regularly cover the St. Croix County Board in Wisconsin for the Hudson Star Observer.

I am a recent graduate from the Missouri School of Journalism where I experienced the “Missouri Method” firsthand, meaning that as an undergraduate I accumulated nearly two years of real-world reporting experience before ever finding a paid, full-time position.

Some highlights:

I have a knack for taking complicated subjects and writing about them in easy-to-understand ways. I have reported on agriculture in North Dakota, public health in mid-Missouri and backlash against Uber in the European Union. I can combine human voices, research and data to write a compelling and informative article.

I strive to use my reporting as a public service, like this investigative piece I worked on with two other reporters about Missouri’s lack of prescription drug monitoring program. I listen to the concerns of citizens and try to find out how well their governments are serving them, such as this case regarding Minnesota’s Washington County and the control of invasive species.

The stories I remember most are those where I was able to forge a personal connection. I spent the first few months of 2018 seeking out and writing about people in Columbia over the age of 50 with interesting, offbeat pursuits. Learning about a particular subject from someone passionate about it is an important aspect of reporting for me.

Going forward, I want to learn. I want to improve my skills as a writer and researcher while also developing a deeper sense of empathy with those around me.