Untitled #1

Who will tell me

That I cannot wear dark clothes and be cheerful

That I must be cheerful all of the time

That I cannot care more what I think of myself than what others do

That I cannot feel empowered without the gaze of a man

That I cannot also feel empowered under that same gaze

That I cannot be beautiful and smart combined into one being

That beautiful cannot mean having an innate sense of self

That smart cannot mean radiating curiosity and wonder

That I cannot convey my entire self through one glance

That I could ever describe my thirst for life in one long conversation

That my eyes are not both windows and locked doors

That my hands cannot shake daily with anticipation

That my fingers cannot wear five gold rings at once

That my fingers cannot fly me around the world

That my nails and hair cannot be short and still feminine

That I cannot decide only what I do not want to do

That I have to be my best version at every moment

That I cannot be every single thing in the universe at once

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