In progress

Making some progress on a couple of big topics I’m trying to tackle for stories – hopefully I can get one of them written this week, or at least close to finished.

  1. Missouri ranks incredibly low in terms of public health funding. According to one study, we rank 44th in national funding (from the CDC) and 50th in state funding, only above Nevada. I’ve been able to talk with the vice president of the Missouri Public Health Association, and am working with someone from Columbia/Boone County Health and Human Services to find out how this has affected people personally. I know that at least one health department in the state is no longer open on Fridays due to lack of funding.
  2. Boone County may be close to establishing new policies regarding the amount of money set for bond in relation to a person’s ability to pay it. Some places in Missouri, like Jennings, in St. Louis County, already have policies like this. There is a meeting on Tuesday regarding possible changes.

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