Public health & women’s hoops

Hey, coming at you all briefly this evening to tell you about two veeery different things I had published this past week.

The first was an examination of the state of public health funding and spending in Boone County and Missouri as a whole. I began researching and reporting on this during the second week of the semester, back in August. In the process I learned just how complicated a topic this is and I wish I could’ve had a whole research team working on it with me so that I could’ve dived in deeper. But I’m really happy with how it turned out and am definitely happy to have it finally published.

For the second, I was definitely a bit out of my depth, but it was an awesome blur of an experience: I had the opportunity to cover a Missouri women’s basketball game on Tuesday night. Yep. My dad was excited. It was a nice, light change of pace after covering a sexual assault trial last week and finishing up the public health story over the weekend.

Please give them both a read!

(Header image credit: Adam Vogler/Columbia Missourian)

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